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Dental Costs – Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are two main groups of clinicians who perform wisdom tooth surgery:

wisdom tooth costOral & Maxillofacial surgeons
Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons are Dental Board-registered specialists in the field of surgery of the mouth and jaws. In Australia they are required to qualify for degrees in dentistry, medicine and oral surgery (average training 10 to 12 years after becoming a dentist).

General dentists
General dentists (also known as “dental surgeons”) cannot be gauged by their training in a surgical field such as impacted wisdom teeth removal. They can only be rated according to their on-the-job experience levels in surgery.

Note: While general dentists may also be referred to as “dental surgeons”, this term should not be confused with “oral surgeon” or “oral & maxillofacial surgeon”, both of whom are Board-registered specialists in the field of oral surgery (which includes wisdom teeth management). Basically a dentist is the same as a dental surgeon, whereas the current educational requirement for an oral & maxillofacial surgeon is to have post-graduate degrees in both medicine and oral surgery.

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